Rasputin’s Babes: an introduction

‘Rasputin’s Babes’ consists of Chelsea, Bethan, Isabell, Lydia and Sophie. A light-hearted five-piece, currently undergraduates at Northumbria University (the better university of Newcastle!), aiming to educate the public on the many conspiracies that surround the high-profile death of Grigori Rasputin. In short, we will be disputin’ Rasputin. What killed him (eventually!), who, and why?

The man of mystery, the man of madness; the man of many deaths.

Rasputin’s body… but is he really dead?


One thought on “Rasputin’s Babes: an introduction

  1. I write about Rasputin’s life which was vastly more misunderstood than his death. History has suppressed accounts of Rasputin’s humanitarian acts, especially his support of equal rights for the oppressed Jews (impossible in a government with a strict policy of antisemitism), in favor of having a scapegoat to blame for Russia’s ills.

    I’ve written a long-researched, academic book, “Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of History,” and I’ve translated, edited and annotated the memoirs of my great-great uncle who was Rasputin’s friend and secretary for a decade: “Rasputin: The Memoirs of His Secretary” by Aron Simanovitch.


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