Our group project started by looking at hooligan related disasters in football, analysing them by using sources such as newspapers, fanzines and government documents.

Our first project looked at Hillsbrough in particular, and we explored newspapers like ‘The Sun’ to see how they reported the incident. Clearly, since the incident, it has been proven it was not a hooliganism related event, so we then looked at the way in which the event has been reported since the Liverpool supporters have been cleared of guilt after the Hillsbrough report was published.

In our second project we decided to look at the highest death toll in football disasters and then used the information to create graphs. This meant we could see what football related disasters had the biggest death toll, and let us see if hooliganism really was the biggest killer as the media had portrayed it to be.

Originally we looked at Hillsborough as a defining moment in football hooliganism (as it was originally reported) and how this led to changing attitudes of football fans and the wider society. However we have found that this angle is difficult to follow and hard to find conclusive evidence so we have decided to keep our focus on Hillsborough but instead look to how the disaster changed footballing safety for the better and its lasting impact.


2 thoughts on “Hooliganism

  1. This is a good project, but I’ve got to say that I think your choice of photograph is a little insensitive. Given that, as you point out, hooliganism played no role in HIllsborough why include a photo of it to illustrate a project on hooliganism?

  2. You are absolutely right with your comment – thank you very much for it! Please accept our apologies: it was an insensitive choice indeed, but not one made with that intention. Thank you again.

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