The Good Friday Agreement

Our project is on the Good Friday Agreement and the impact it had on Northern Ireland at the time. We have collected a variety of primary sources depicting the situation in Northern Ireland. These included a newspaper article by the former British Prime Minister John Major, in which he highlights the process of peace and how successful the Good Friday Agreement has been so far. We have also analysed a poster by the Irish Women’s Coalition in which they make clear that the only choice at the time was to vote in favour of the Agreement, such was the tension in Northern Ireland at the time.

Analysing these sources allowed us to see what the agreement intended to do and what it actually achieved. We also collected an extract from the Agreement and an article from an Irish newspaper, but decided to analyse the first two as we felt that they provided more useful information about the Good Friday Agreement and the effects it had on Northern Ireland.


One thought on “The Good Friday Agreement

  1. Good luck with this. Something to think about is how the GFA compares to the Sunningdale Agreement of 1973: Sunningdale excluded the political extremes (loyalists and republicans), while GFA included them. Is this the key difference, and the reason why the GFA succeeded? And was the price of that success the erosion of the centre ground, which we are perhaps seeing in Northern Ireland today?

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