Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday Blog ImageWe decided to call out group the Dirty Bankers and have been researching the Bloody Sunday event that took place in Ireland in 1972. Our focus when researching were the causes of the tragic day and the blame leveled afterwards, as well as who was effected and how.

Throughout our research we found out various interesting pieces of information about the reasons for the shootings, who exactly commit the murders and who gave the orders. We also found statistics showing which groups of Ireland tended to be subject to abuse on the day.

The goal of our project is, ultimately, to tell the story of the day, how the events played out, and what results followed because of the murders, not just for Ireland’s politics but also for those who personally felt the pain of the tragedy that was Bloody Sunday.


One thought on “Bloody Sunday

  1. The various inquiries into Bloody Sunday have become academic subjects in their own right. You might want to think about how the state has dealt with the legacies of Bloody Sunday, both politically and ethically. Paul Bew, a respected and distinguished historian, served as a historical advisor to the Bloody Sunday tribunal, which was established as part of Lord Saville’s inquiry: he has written about the experience, and it is worth a look.

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