The Fall of the Berlin Wall

As a group we decided to research the Fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. We looked at the effects of the wall when it was standing and we mainly focused on people’s views on the wall. We discovered that the people who built the wall saw it as a positive feature in Europe and that it was good for security. Though despite this positive outlook for Communist politicians, many saw the wall as a negative feature. They believed it was repressive and had a negative effect on the economy and their everyday lives.

We looked at four main sources during our research narrowing it down to a more focused search. We included a news report from when the wall fell, graffiti on the wall, a newspaper article and a newspaper cartoon. All these sources depicted different views of the successes and failures of the wall.

We are hoping to look at the contrasting social aspects of life on either side of the wall for our final project post. We hope that by exploring this it will help explain in more depth the viewpoints we have already discovered.


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